AGIA Group Co. Ltd. is a Grade 1 professional interior design and construction company licensed under the Ministry of Housing and Urban Renewal Development of the PRC laws.  As a long standing Corporate Member of the China Building Decoration Association, AGIA have also received the “China Building Decoration Top 100 Enterprise Award”, the “National Outstanding Design Enterprise Award” and the “National Outstanding Construction Enterprise Award”  .

With over a hundred technical staff, including engineers, surveyors, Grade 1 and 2 project managers and professional managers, AGIA is equipped with the right resources to provide globalized services to our clients.  We have an international mix of designers, professionals and management staff from Hong Kong, Singapore, Malaysia and Australia etc. This allows our team to adopt an international approach when working with our global based clients, while fully understanding their requirements and providing the appropriate solutions for our clients’ environment.
AGIA Group has over the years established a set of service oriented system in accordance with ISO Quality, ISO Environmental Management and ISO Healthy Safety Management: from project programming to interior designing, drawings development, construction, quality control and after-sales service, combined with our advanced network information management platform, to provide a structured, efficient and transparent process for our clients. 
AGIA Group have provided for many clients both corporatized and personalized space, design solutions and detailed construction over the years.  Currently, AGIA Group has grown into a highly motivated, innovative and well managed spatial design and construction enterprise, with many representational and influential works in corporate office, office buildings, hotels, apartments, villas, commercial and entertainment spaces.
Our establishments on Mainland China (regional branch offices in East China, South China, North China, Central China, Northeast China, Southwest China, Northwest China) as well as in the Singapore and Hong Kong region is a testament and assurance of our commitment to provide the service standards and to maintain the same quality for our clients.
Our common values of quality, innovation, teamwork, embracing challenges, honest responsibility and respect are upheld and adhered by every employee, as we at AGIA Group, envision ourselves providing quality service to our clients.